PROCESSYou'll find our work in circuit boards to cereal boxes, aircraft to radiation detectors. Anywhere in civilian or military life where high accuracy machining and finishing make all the difference.
  • Prepare. We're careful about getting it right, right from the start. Engineering review of drawings to ensure efficient manufacturability. Designing and crafting special tooling when needed. Production planning for maximum efficiency.

  • Produce. Every craftsman on the floor is guided by two things: our quality system and the in-process plan developed for your part. Every test that should be done is done, in house. Every piece of equipment is constantly maintained. And everyone at Milan tool is dedicated to constant improvement.

  • Deliver. All Milan Tool systems for planning and production are set up to do one thing: deliver the right part, perfectly finished, on time. And to fulfill every requirement of the project, including complete material traceability.
  • OUR SIGHTS ARE SET ON THE FUTUREIt has been that way ever since Emil Milan founded Milan Tool in 1947 to manufacture close tolerance tooling for the metalworking industry. Mark Milan leveraged that knowledge in the 1970s, to redefine Milan Tool as a reliable maker of precision metal components for civilian and military applications. The guiding idea has always been to change when change brings value to our customers. Thus, Milan Tool was quick to introduce CNC machining in the 1970s and to follow it with in-house nondestructive testing, Nadcap-certified annually. The same logic led us to bring sophisticated grinding capabilities into our 20,000 square foot operation. An unusual step for a smaller shop but one that reduces risk and produces high value, the most efficient manufacturing and testing process for the most cost-effective and quality-controlled product delivered on time.
    MILAN TOOL, CLEVELAND, OHIOA dedicated, temperature controlled 20,000 square-foot facility on Cleveland's West Side houses Milan Tool milling, turning and grinding operations and a fully-equipped nondestructive testing lab.
    QUALITY IS WHAT WE DO.It's on record. Milan Tool maintains complete records of materials, in-house processes, equipment maintenance, sublet services, and measuring instrument calibration. A detailed, written quality plan ensures that we meet all specifications for every part. Our quality manual is available for inspection. We meet high standards:
    • AS 9100 Certified by Advantage International Registrar, Inc.
    • ISO 9001 Certified by Advantage International Registrar, Inc.
    • NADCAP
    8989 Brookpark Road Cleveland, Ohio 44129

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